Friday, March 17, 2023

Meetings according to devth

My buddy (who unwisely works in fintech) posted this twitter thread about meetings that I have enhanced and summarized.

All two of you who follow my blog likely have wisdom, links, and strong opinions about tech business meetings so I welcome your comments in my G-Doc here: 

Proposed Meeting Hygiene Workflow


  • max 10 hours per week for individual contributors (ICs), 

  • 20 hours per week for managers. 

New meetings that exceed this quota forces an existing meeting to be deleted before a new meeting can be accepted.

Automated meeting follow-up workflow

  • All participants anonymously rate how effective the meeting was [1-5] for their individual purpose.

  • All participants answer "This could have been a Slack thread." [Y/N].

Automated Meeting Scheduler workflow

  • Includes a mandatory checkbox: "we tried to resolve this issue on Slack" before booking.

  • Forbids creating a meeting without an agenda and associated Notes doc.

  • Verifies that the meeting notes include at least one task is created

  • Warns if number of tasks and assignees is disproportional to number of participants

  • Forbids creating a meeting with more than X participants; requires manager approval

  • Calculates and displays meeting cost in the description and notes doc

  • Requires mandatory inclusion for the reason each participant is invited

  • Adds meetings coach approver or manager approval to restrict meeting creation for organizers who score low on meeting effectiveness.

A Zoom meeting will always be much less effective and much less enjoyable than meeting in real life. Let's stop pretending otherwise.

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